however your friend must link their bank account or a credit debit card to their new paypal account and they ll have to spend 5 for you to get the bonus once they do paypal transfers the money straight to your balance this usually happens in less than a day but it can take up to two weeks


you don t directly request free money from paypal but by using cashback apps taking surveys selling online referrals and other methods you can earn money that builds up in your paypal balance which you can then withdraw to your bank account or spend using your paypal wallet

some easy ways to earn 5 in paypal money include signing up for survey junkie or swagbucks and taking surveys installing mobile cashback apps like rakuten and linking paypal for payouts or selling an unused item for 5 online via offerup once you reach 5 earned through those platforms you can transfer it to paypal

did you know that you can earn cashback with paypal itself that extra cash will be added to your account automatically as it is earned if you have the paypal mastercard debit card you can request this feature when you sign up for an account you will start making money on completed transactions including 3 on all paypal purchases


the new pay anyone feature has been a lifesaver between my husband and i adjusting to our new life together i stayed with chime because they just keep improving growing and make managing my money a breeze


upi is available as a payment mode on cashfree payment gateway your customers can use any upi app including phonepe googlepay etc to pay the upi payment gateway charges are as per the applicable law