Is the EAF part of Alaska Airlines?

No. Although Alaska Airlines supports the EAF, the EAF is a completely separate corporation that is run by employees of Alaska Airlines who serve on the EAF Board of Directors.

Does Alaska Airlines support the EAF?

Yes! Alaska Airlines donates money each year to cover administrative costs and lets the EAF use an office in the Credit Union. They have also been generous in endorsing certain fundraisers for the EAF. The EAF is allowed to use payroll deduction as a means for receiving employee donations and able to have articles printed in Alaska's World. The EAF is very grateful for the support from Alaska Airlines.

Who does EAF help?

Any Alaska Airlines employee who is off work due to illness, medical problems, or a catastrophic event. That employee must have exhausted all sick leave and have no vacation time left to use. The EAF is their last resort.

If the EAF helps me financially, do I have to pay the fund back?

No. Our hope is that you will support the EAF by donating $5 per paycheck to help a fellow employee in their time of need.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes! The EAF is a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization. 

Do you ever give employees cash?

No. All bills are paid directly. 

What bills does the EAF help with?

We will help with mortgage payments, rent, car payments, insurance premiums, some medical bills and utilities (gas, electric, water, waste and telephone bills). The EAF can also help with groceries by giving Safeway or Kroger certificates.

Will the EAF pay my credit card bills?

No. The EAF does not pay any credit card bills.

Does the EAF help retired Alaska or Horizon Air employees?

No. Only Alaska Airlines employees are eligible for assistance. That includes part time, temporary employees and those who haven't yet passed probation.

I’ve lost income due to my parents failing health, can I apply for assistance?

No. Unfortunately, the EAF can only assist in the event a catastrophic or medical emergency has occurred to the Alaska Air employee, spouse or dependent children, resulting in a loss of income.

After I apply for assistance, how long will it take for the EAF to help?

After an application is received in our office, it is forwarded to one of the volunteer directors. They will then contact you and get any additional information needed. They will then present your case for approval to the Board of Directors at the monthly meeting, which is the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Is there any chance that my case will be denied?

Because of limited funds, all cases are decided on a priority basis and according to the EAF's rules and bylaws. There are also certain criteria that have to be met for you receiving assistance. Again, the criteria are: You are suffering an illness, medical situation or a catastrophic event, are unable to work, and have no sick leave or vacation time to use and have exhausted all other resources.

Does most of the fund's money come from payroll deduction?

Most of the employee's donations come via payroll deduction in the form of a monthly check. We also have fundraisers, such as: Online Auctions, Golf Tournament, Garage Sales, book fairs and bake sales.