The Employee Assistance Fund was conceived in 1992 by Alaska Airlines Captain Al Brunelle. Al wanted to help fellow employees who may be suffering financial hardship due to a major medical or catastrophic event. The Fund is not a part of the Alaska Airlines company or Air Group. It is a separate, non-profit organization made up of employees who volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors, representing all divisions of Alaska Airlines.

The goal is for every Alaska Airlines employee to donate $5 per paycheck.All donations further the purposes of the Employee Assistance Fund in its programs and operations to assist Alaska Airlines employees.

The EAF is a 501(c)3, charitable organization and all contributions are tax-deductible. All employees are eligible to apply, whether or not they donate to the EAF. Applications are strictly confidential. Assistance granted is a gift, not a loan and is not required to be repaid. Last year, about 25 percent of employees gave to the EAF through payroll deduction, which was used to help employees pay their mortgages, COBRA insurance, car payments and insurance, and medical and grocery bills while they recovered from injury or illness. Besides payroll deductions, we have several fundraising events: EAF Online Auctions and the Annual Golf Tournament in July. Many employees have also undertaken their own projects to raise money for the EAF, such as a piñata auction, charity hikes/swims/runs, book/bake sale, and pilot design study cards, to name a few; with all proceeds going directly to the EAF!
EAF Office Phone Number: (206) 870-2768
Website Manager: Application questions/Sign in problems
Executive Director
Mailing Address: Employee Assistance Fund for Alaska Airlines
c/o Alaska Airlines Credit Union
2800 S. 192nd St. Suite 106
SeaTac, WA. 98188